Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a dolls world.

Last time I posted I didn't mention it but I was at a creative hobby fair where some BJD people had a stand.

It was really wonderful to meet other people who were interrested in BJDs. I was there both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I got to talk to this girl and we decided she would buy three of my dolls. Tamaya, my Resin Sould Ju that I never really bonded with - I think she disliked me right from the beginning - and Hekla and Eydis, my twin Bobobie Sprites that kind of didn't fit in with the others. I'm very happy with the sale and I like the fact that they stay together.

This also allowed me to order a body for Kieron, my MNF Breakaway scar head and arm - and I've made arrangements for his face-up and blushing. I'm SO looking forward to getting him.

At the moment I'm really looking forward - and getting a bit impatient - to getting Roeskva and Vigdis (Female MNF Shiwoo and LittleFee Ante elf) home. The face-up artis is sick so it'll take a couple of weeks still - at least. Sigh!

Meanwhile I have been thinking a lot about Ilvara and her story. I started a blog about it a while ago. Ilvara's Story.

While thinking about her I realized that all my dolls actually live in this world of their own. They all live in or around a small village called Skovby. The RealPukis, My Sleeping Elf tiny Moona and my Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf are all creatures living in the wood. Miripihka lives in a hut by the beach and Ilvara lives in a cottages a little bit away from the village itself. The rest lives in the village.

I made a map of the area. If you click on the pictures you'll get a bigger version in a new window.


I'm so proud of this map I have to post it in this blog too. LOL


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