Monday, October 25, 2010

A little one, two face-plates and a big one

I was thinking about getting either a WS PukiFee Bonnie or a WS DollZone Aimi. It was a hard choice but I finally decided on the PukiFee. Leave it up to Fairyland to completly ruin your plans though. Just before I ordered my PukiFee they came out with two new MiniFees and I just fell head over heals with the new Chloe fullset. I just HAD to have her. Apparently I wasn't the only one. After only being up for 12 hours the fullset was sold out!

I was devastated but a couple of hours later Fairyland had decided to make some more fullsets and I hurried to order right away. Phew I managed to get her.

Then while waiting for her I did something baaaad. I had a severe attack of TOF (Twitchy Order Finger) and accedently ordered a PukiFee Ante that ThinkPink had in stock. Meet Sif. (Like the Norse goddess)

She's an orphan but she tells everyone that she's actually a real princess. It's a secret of course. LOL

And things went down hill from there. before I knew it I had bought two LittleFee face-plates - A modded sleeping Rachel and a modded sleeping Shiwoo. The Shiwoo is called Penny

And her cousin is called Shilling. They think of themselves as sisters though. Their moms were identical twins and they spend their first years with their grandmother.

And then Seffia - my MNF Chloe fullset arrived. She had bright turquoise eyes and I didn't like them at all with her other colours.

I imidiately ordered some other eyes but in the meantime I tried another wig on her. I like her so much like this that I was considering keeping her that way.

Then her new eyes arrived. I really loved the colour of her default wig but it wasn't a very good quallety. It was the kind of wig that gets messy really fast. I found this Tinybear wig I bought a long time ago. It didn't work at all for the doll it was intended for but I wanted to try it on Seffia. Especially because it has the same purple colour as her outfit. Even though it doesn't look like that in the pictures because they are not taken in natural light.

I just love her like that. She's soooooo beautiful IMO.



  1. You're suffering form a REALLY bad case of TOF aren't you? LOL The little ones are such cuties and Seffia is just fantagorgestunnamazifull!!!

  2. Thank. :o) Yes I'm afraid my TOF is pretty severe. And I don't think there's a cure. LOL