Friday, February 24, 2012

BJD Challenge Day 18

Do you have a favourite company?

I have two favorit companies - Fairyland and DollZone. I love both very much. From Fairyland I love both PukiFee, LittleFees and MiniFees. Real Pukis is also cute beyond words but they are too small for me. PukiPukis are also cute but I like Real Pukis more and they are still too small. All Fairyland dolls have such beautiful joints, especially knees and elbows. Their posabillity is also incredble.

As for DollZone I love 1/4 or MSDs and their bigger BB dolls. They have some new more . . . hummmmm . . very different dolls and I don't like those so much. But the traditional ones I just love. They have really good posabillity too. The MSDs can do almost everything MNFs can do and they are easier to pose. Their knees and elbows are not quite as beautiful but I like that they are just a little taller. And of course I love a lot of the molds. However I can see that DollZones is not for everyone. They are not beautiful in the same way as Fairyland dolls but they have so much personallety. I just love that about them. I am sad though that they discontinued their tan. It's such a beautiful colour.


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