Friday, January 4, 2013


First of all Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. Last year - not so long ago - I send two heads to Xhanthi for face-ups. One of them was my DollZone BB Ani. I always thought her face-up was too pale for her. Especially since she's a very intense girl. She's a sweet girl but feels everything so strongly and have quite a temper. She has a loving heart - sometimes a little too loving for her own good.

This is how she used to look - except she got brown eyes after that picture was taken.

And these are the pictures I got from Xhanthi of the finished face-up.

I'm just so much in love whith how she looks now I had to order three new wigs just for her. I mean look at her! Can you blame me?


  1. Gorgeous face up!!! But then again, I always love Xanthi's work.

  2. Thanks Annefia. She is going to be so much more "herself" now.

  3. She's stunning! And no one can blame you, the girl need more wigs! (see, now you can even blame it on some ranting crazy person). Looking forward to see the wigs on, so don't forget to share here ^.^

  4. She's absolutely lovely! I have always liked your little MayLea but this face up makes her even more lovely!!

  5. Thank you LadyNight and Sharon. I'll try to get pictures of her with the wigs as soon as both she and the wigs have arrived. They are all black by the way. She just have to have black hair.