Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh no! Does it ever end?

Today I was at the post office sending Joy, (PukiFee Sarang) Trude (tan LittleFee Chloe) and Peta-Lynn (MiniFee Sarang) off to a face-up artist.

When I ordered the bodies for Peta-Lynn and Tia Fairyland was having an event so I got an event MiniFee head with the bodies. So I thought that instead of having a headless body standing around I'd just put that event head on it.

This is the result. She says her name is Victoria and she demands that I order her a body. A-line smalest breasts and model legs. I don't stand a chance!

I should also post some pictures of my latest kids. First is Trude who's face left for face-up today.

Then there's Theis my tan Lishe boy.

This is Stapes pronaunced with two syllabels. It's not her real name but it's what the others call her. Stapes is the name of the smallest bone in the human body and she's on a LittleFee Baby body. She won't tell me her real name.

Then there's three new PukiFees as well. First Ty (Bonnie boy) and Twig (Vanilla girl)

Last but not least there's Joy. She's not mean or bad but she's cheeky and stubborn and does exactly what she wants. She also left today to get a face-up.



  1. What a cute bunch of kids you have there Lene, I look forward to seeing those who've gone for new faceups, once they return :)
    I love that FL tan, it's so pretty!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Thanks Sharon. I love Fairyland tan as well. It's so hard to resist.
    Big hugs right back at you. :o)

  3. I love your collection of dolls, especially Stapes. If you don't mind me asking, who did the beautiful face up on her, she really is gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you so much. The face-up was done by Akara. She also did Ty and Twig. You can find her here!

    2. Thanks for letting me know, I had seen her on DoA but didn't realise she was the artist who did yours. Ty and Twig are extremely cute, but then I find most PF's are. :)

    3. Yeah they are cute but most of my PukiFees are also cheeky and mischievous. My LittleFees on the other hand are mostly very nice kids.