Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Beginning

Here's my doll family as it looked at the end of 2008. They are in the order I got them:

Ulja - Tinybear Moona
Wig: Tinybear
Eyes: Default
Face-up: Default

Linnea - Lati Blue Censya
Wig: Tinybear Rasberry Crust
Eyes: Gumdrops Standard, Tempest, 12mm
Face-up: Default

Amaryllis - Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf
Wig: Tinybear Custom Colour
Eyes: Lauschaer turquoise
Face-up by me.

Ilvara - DollZone Feilian
Wig: Tinybear Cobber Wire
Eyes: Masterpiece Light Green 13mm
Face-up by me

Hekla - Bobobie Sprite Light Tan mature body
Eydis - Bobobie Sprite NS mature body
Wig: Tinybear Coffee Raspberry
Eyes: Masterpice 15mm one Chestnut and one Woodland each.
Face-up - Default enhanced by me

Tamaya Ianthina - Resin Soul Ju purple skin
Wig: Tinybear Marine
Eyes: EyeCo Fantasy B108 15mm
Face-up: Default

Krusemynte - Ange Ai-Uri
Wig: Tinybear Honeygold
Eyes: Masterpiece Blue Star 13mm
Face-up by me.

In January I got Veronica.

Veronica - Narin faceplate on Narae body - tanned
Wig: Jojo from Marcia
Eyes: Default
Face-up: I don't know
Manicure and pedicure: Cindy Heaton

In the beginning of April I got a LittleFee Shiwoo Elf faceplate from my friend Asneth. He's going to be

Tjalfe - LittleFee Shiwoo Elf
Wig: Tinybear custom (Dark green)
Eyes: Masterpiece Caribbean 13mm

At the moment I'm waiting for the following dolls:

Custom House Petite Ai-Gabriel - Pipaluk, older sister to my Ange Ai Uri Krusemynte. Wig from Wigshop by Facets: J-Rock - Golden Auburn/Lime Green. Eyes not sure yet
Custom House Little Junior-Icarus - Kristoffer, older brother to my Ange Ai Uri Krusemynte. Wig from Wigshop by Facets: Ashley - Carrot Red. Eyes Masterpiece German 13mm. - - - - - Both ordered December 31st. 2008

Soul-Kid Apple (Emmelia) I already have eyes and wig for her. The wig is a Tinybear very very dark purple and the eyes are Soom Night N05 cherrynight 14mm. - - - - Ordered from ThinkPink April 2nd. Will be ordered from Fairyland April 25th.

MiniFee Karsh sleeping head - I want to try modding. Ordered in a split in April

A body for Tjalfe - will be ordered in a split at the beginning of May


  1. How fun that you've started a dollie blog. Congrats!!! I always love seeing photos of your doll family and hear things about them.