Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's summer!

I have been terrible frustrated because I ordered two dolls - a Petite Ai Gabriel and a Little Junior Icarus from Custom House December 31st and not only haven't I gotten my dolls yet but there have been a lot of wrong dolls send out and dolls with flaws. I'm quite worried that my dolls will be the wrong ones or have serious flaws. And to be honest I was pretty upset when I saw that Custom House is having yet another event before they have sendt out all the dolls from the last one.

On the brigt side I just payed the last instalment on a second hand DollZone body for Linnea. (Lati Blue Censya) I was never impressed with the Lati body. The body will be shiped from GB today. Yeah!

Also the Karsh MNF sleeping head I ordered through a split at DOA is now at the local post office so the person who runs the split/group order will get it today or tomorrow. I'm not that impatient to get it though. It will be nice seing it irl but I don't consider it a "person" yet. I want to try my hand at modding and open the eyes. However the way Fairyland makes their sleeping heads now with no eye well at all I'll have to wait till I can get a Dremel. No way I can do it just using an eye beveler.

Some more good news is that the Gumdrops eyes I ordered - two sets - will be sent to the supplier from Gumdrops this week. I'm really looking forward to getting them.

Aaaaaand I ordered a PukiFee Shiwoo fullset! I'm SO excited about that. I ordered him - although I plan to make him a girl - May 17th. I can't wait to see her.

The body for my LittleFee Shiwoo Elf face-plate should be here first though. I'm hoping in three weeks or so.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I'm also waiting for a SoulKid Apple that I ordered through ThinkPink in April. The order went to SoulDoll April 25th and SoulDoll is somewhat behind on orderes at the moment so I don't expect her to be here for quite a while.

On Friday my son came to visit. I have a big problem applying eyelashes because my moter skils are not very good (because of a problem in my childhood) and my eyesight isn't good at all either. But when my son was here he put eyelashes in Tamaya. (Purple Resin Soul Ju) I think she looks adorable with those thick lashes. :o)


  1. You really have a crazy amount of dolls and doll stuff/parts you're waiting for at the moment. :envy: (Ooops, we don't have that smiley here. LOL)

    You know I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will get your CH dolls SOON, and the RIGHT dolls as well.

  2. Ooops again, I forgot to comment on Tamaya's luxurious lashes. Lashes really DO add a lot! It's a good thing your son can help you!

  3. Oh my, that doll is a ResinSoul? The pictures of their site do not do these dolls justice because your doll is gorgeous!