Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving stress

At the moment I'm all stressed by the move. After all I'm moving in three weeks and a lot of things just isn't ready yet.

I have packed up all my dolls except Gro, Tjalfe, (They are so small)Ilvara, (I love her too much to live three weeks without her) and Emmelia - my SoulKid Apple. Well actually I still only have her body but the head will be here within a week as it was shipped from Holland today.

In the meantime I was going through all my dolls clothes and organizing them better. I also got two pair of shoes with Emmelia's body. So I changed Ilvara's clothes and I think she looks soooo cute in this:

I also got some clothes from Spampy Both Gro and I love it.

Understand why we love the new clothes?


  1. I FULLY understand why you love these clothes so much!

  2. Spampy is just wonderful. :o)

    As for Ilvara's clothes I made the top and the skirt. The pantyhose are from Dale Rae.

  3. Oooh they are sooo adorable! I love the clothes Pink! They are sooo cute!