Sunday, August 2, 2009

And they are on their way.

Saturday I shipped the heads of my three Custom House kids - and my PukiFee Hamster - off to the spa. They are going to visit a friend in Australia for treatment. It's very exciting but I'm of course going to miss them while they are gone. And I'll be worried about them too. I hope they will have a safe trip both ways.

Doesn't it look sad . . . and somewhat creepy too? LOL

I begin to get a bit unpatient waiting for my SoulKid Apple. I ordered her through ThinkPink April 2nd and they ordered from SoulDoll April 25th. It's been over three month now and I think in's beginning to be too much. Sigh!


  1. Both sad, scary and hilarious *sob-shudder-LMAO* I hope everything goes well and that evil customs are less evil than usual.

  2. Yeah but we plan to send them back to me as a gift. I do NOT want to pay about 40% tax and customs and fees for the same items twice!

    I actually called customs and asked them about it and basically making sure that I won't have to is so complicated that you need to be a professional with a specific education. Grrrr . . .

  3. Hi there Pink. I hope you dont mind that I found your blog, through Fia's blog. I am so amazed how much you have done with your dolls so far. They are adorable. I wish I had the money and patience for such a thing! I hope you are well Pink, and I think of you often. Lots of love and hugs to you. I have reached a stage in my life now too, where I want peace and quiet. I have created a blog for myself too for my own photos and thoughts. Sven and Sharan have set a date for their wedding next year, and I want a place where I can keep pictures too. Of course also the grandchildren that may come as well.... I hope. lol Well anyway, I will pop in now and again, if you dont mind of course. I love looking at your beautiful dolls and reading all about them. hugs to you