Friday, October 21, 2011

Catses and more catses

Everyone are getting cats - except me. One of my friends just got the cutest ragdoll kitten and another friend just got two shelter cats - one senior cat and a deaf white kitten with blue eyes. (White cats with blue eyes are in most cases deaf) My son is also talking about getting a second cat.

I really wish I could have a cat but you have to be realistic and think of the cat's best interrests. I wouldn't be able to take proper care of it so it would be very selfish to get one anyway. Whenever you are thinking of getting a pet you should always consider the pet's interrest. Are you going to be able - and willing - to give them the care and attension they need? Can you afford vet bills? After all it is a long term committment and it's very important do do the right thing - rater than do what you feel like right now.

So even if I really wish I could have a cat or a dog I'm not getting one. I guess I'll have to comford myself withn the thought that I have three incommimg dolls. Even though they are not fluffy and warm and soft they are still very cute and make me smile.



  1. I REALLY wish you could get a cat too (or any other pet) to keep you company. Unfortunately dolls aren't very fluffy... or very alive... but at least they're cute. Now if you give one of your dolls cat ears and wrap it up in soft and cuddly fake fur you'll come a little bit closer but I can't help you with the alive part. (I wish I could! Wouldn't that have been fun? Or maybe really, REALLY scary? LOL)

  2. Yeah the thought of you being able to make dolls come alive is truely scary! *Runs and hide*

  3. You wouldn't stand a chance against all your dolls!!! Eek! LOL