Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Get a New Doll Very Cheap

Back when I got my PukiFee Mio Glitch she was a total impulse buy. I was getting something else from Denver Doll Imposium and they had her in stock. I had the money - almost - so I bought her. Resently I have been looking at her wishing I had a Vanilla or a Zoe or something instead.

Then I saw the cutest modded Bonnie face-plate up for trade at The Marketplace. And one of the things the owner wished to trade her with was a Mio with default face-up. It was even inside EU so no problem with customs. That Bonnie just grabed my heart imidiatly so I send the owner a PM and now I have a new doll and she only cost me the shipping.

So meet Liz.
I had her wig laying around and also her eyes. The minut I saw her face-plate I knew she had red hair. I wasn't sure about the eyes but they are perfect for her. She's somewhat different from my other PukiFees because they're all very confident and more or less cheeky. Lis is a little unsure of herself and a very sweet girl.

Here's my PukiFee army except Mims my ws Bonnie mermaid. (I'm considering selling her. Perhaps I'll get a Vanilla instead.)



  1. Awwww glad to see that she arrived safely Lene, and that you're happy with her, she's cute as a button with those little teefies!!!
    You have a really nice family of PKFs, they are all so different but compliment each other aswell.
    Don't tell them, but my favourite is still Gro I think!!!!
    Hugs Sharon x

  2. What a gorgeous grouping of Pukifees! Congratulations on Liz.

  3. Thanks Sharon. You know Gro doesn't think about it but she's asuming she's everyones favorit. LOL

    Isabelle thank you.

  4. Awww, the teeth is sooo cute! Liz is adorable :)