Sunday, May 26, 2013

A huge pacage

In February I ordered a MiniFee body for Charlotta my Juri 2010 head. I ordered it with a Ruth head because I have been wanting a Ruth guy on a DollZone body for a long time. The reason I want a DollZone body is so he'll be taller. (46cm) I also ordered a LittleFee Reni with face-up. A couple of days ago the pacage finally arrived.

I have posted pictures of Charlotta before (borrowing a body) so there's not much news in that but Reni . . . . OMG I love her. Yes she's a girl. I ordered a LittleFee Lishe not long ago and I'm going to make him a boy. He and Reni will just swap bodies when he gets here.

Anyway here's pictures of my new girl Ellie



  1. Awww Lene she's very cute looking. Is this her 'permanent' wig? Well as permanent as any wig can be on a BJD!!
    I'm glad that your package arrived safely, but I do get completely confused with all the body swapping in your house! LOL!!! I'm going to think of your home as Lene's Body Farm! I do think it's great though how patient you are and how much thought you give to your dolly family!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. Thanks Sharon. Yes I think the wig is permanent. More or less at least.
    Actually the body swapping is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. LOL

  3. Congratulations! She is adorable. I love the dark hair on her, it really compliments her faceup! I hope you'll post more pics of Charlotta too, she's very sweet.