Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leave it up to Fairyland

Just leave it up to Fairyland and they'll completely ruin all your dolly plans. Just as I was thinking about how to make sure I could get a second tan LittleFee they announce that they'll offer tan MiniFees too until the end of August. AUGH! What to do, what to do? I would really really love a tan MiniFee or two as well. But there's no way I can afford that. I mean what I want is about 2000$ and I just don't have that kind of money laying around. Sigh!

I am hoping to find the funds to get my two PukiFees and one LittleFee and one MiniFee. The LittleFee will be a Chloe but I'm not sure who the MiniFee will be. (If I can find the money) Perhaps a tan Mirwin with default face-up. A Rheia would be nice too. . . . or a DES . . . or Karsh girl or . . . . . a boy Mirwin would be really cool too. Oh no! What am I to do? *Bangs head against wall.*

A few days ago I was taking some pictures in my garden. Here's Maylea my DollZone BB Ani. I just love her SO much since she got her new face-up from Xhanthi

Just love her profile.

Here she is with Desmo. Awwww . . . puppy love.

In other news today I got a wonderful pacage from my dear friend Annefia. It was a lot of wonderful and yummy home made things. Cookies and cake and different kinds of jam and such. It's just the kind of things I can't buy anywhere. I'm so happy about it and I'm going to enjoy eating it all.



  1. Lene, you're going to have to start doing the lottery, or if I win it (I bought two tickets for the Euro Millions this week) then I will send you some!! You are truly Fairyland addicted!!
    I love Maylea, she is so sweet and yes, her new faceup is beautiful. One day I will get Reuben a new faceup too, although I worry that he'll be a different boy afterwards!
    Hugs Sharon xx

  2. I do get a lottery ticket every now and then. Wouldn't it be wonderful to win? And about being Fairyland addicted I resently realized 22 out of my 36 full dolls are from Fairyland. Maylea changed face-up, eyes and wig but I still feel she's Maylea. Perhaps it's because she looks a lot more like I always invisioned her now.