Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm a Headhunter

In my resent pacage from Fairyland I got three blank MiniFee heads. Ruth who I want to put on a DollZone body to make him taller and the two event heads Seian and Yder. So I really felt the need to buy one more blank head. (Yeah right. I'm insane.)

Actually SoulDoll are discontinuing some of their SoulKids and selling those with a 20% discount + they are selling the heads seperatly. I looked at them and found that I really wanted a Jonny head. I think he looks very mature and I want mature looking guys. It might be quite a while before he gets a body or a face-up, wig or eyes - or even a personallety and a name. But he'll be here waiting for those things.

This is what he looks like:

Also my plans to order IpleHouse KID Milly and JID Asa have been postponed. It's of course Fairyland's fault. They have PukiFees and LittleFees in tan and the LittleFees you can choose gender limited until the end of August. I'm starting a layaway at DDE at some point in July or August for two PukiFees and hopefully two LittleFees. I know I want a PKF Bonnie and a Vanilla. I'm not too sure of the LittleFees. I mean if I can afford two the second one is going to be Chloe (I'll then sell Topple's face-plate and snatch her body for one of my other face-plates. Wait . . . does that mean I'm a body-snatcher too?) but the first LittleFee is either going to be a Pipi girl, a Shiwoo girl, a Jack Straw girl or a Lishe. . . . . I think . . . .



  1. He's a handsome beastie Lene, or will be once he's got himself a faceup!
    I just knew that once you saw those tans on the FL site, it'd knock all your dolly plans for six!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. LOL You know me too well. I looooove tan.