Friday, August 2, 2013

Why I love Ante

I tend to "fall in love" with a doll or two of my gang. I'm usually in love with newcommers but I often fall in love with one of my older dolls too. It's like they take turns to be my favorit. At the moment it's my LittleFee Ante elf Vigdis and LittleFee Ante elf modded sleeping plate Salvia. Perhaps you can understand it if you look at the latest pictures of them.

First Vigdis

And then Salvia.

I just love Ante. Perhaps I should have ordered a tan Ante. Hummmm . . . If I could find the money I'd do that . . . right after a tan MiniFee Karsh girl. LOL



  1. Yes, Antes are totally lovable and adorable! (I love being an Ante!)
    Your girls are gorgeous and I am sure I am related to them somewhere on the family tree.
    Hugs Isabelle

    1. Vigdis says that most of her family are Shiwoos though. Both her MiniFee mom and her older LittleFee brother and her little PukiFee sister. Her little brother is adopted. LOL Salvia is not sure if she and Vigdis are related. If they are it can't be too close.

  2. I have to say that I really like the Ante sculpt too! She is my favourite of all of them! Of course I am prejudiced too, having my own Ante in Fiona!! I just think that she has such a versatile look that she can be anything you want her to be!
    Your two little girls are both gorgeous Lene!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

  3. Thank you very much Sharon. You know I also adore your Fiona. I wish you'd take some photos of her for me to admire.

  4. Ante is my favourite too! Probably because she was my first Fairyland. Your modded version is lovely.