Wednesday, September 4, 2013

About tan boys and Ladybugs

I had ordered a LittleFee Lishe and were planning to switch bodies with Ellie my Reni who's of course really on a boy body. But a while after I made the order came tan. I changed my order to a tan boy. And now he has arrived.

His name is Theis and I'll send him off for a face-up in October. I'm already in love with him. I'm thinking that caracterwise he's a bit like Emil of Lönneberga

Maylea found a new friend. Even though they are very different she feels that they somehow have something in common.



  1. LOL I love your two little ladybugs!

    Theis is also adorable...I'm so enjoying seeing the tan dolls arriving. :)

  2. Thank you. :o) I have 5 more tan dolls comming but it will take a while before they arrive. I'm so happy I've seen the colour in person because it's really beautiful.

  3. Theis is sooo adorable! I love the blond hair and blue eyes against his tan skintone. And as a Swede I'm of course VERY familiar with Emil.

    Maylea and her new friend and just sooo cute together!

  4. Thanks Annefia. You just have to love Emil.

  5. I love your little tan boy even BEFORE his faceup! The tan is so nice and creamy, no hint of orange, I like it a lot! His blond hair and bright blue eyes are so nice with his skin tone.
    I think that little Maylea looks very sweet with her new friend, I'm sure they'll have lots of adventures together in the future!
    Hugs Sharon xx

  6. Thanks Sharon. Yes the tan is a very nice colour. It's like chocolate milk. I do like DollZone tan too though even though it's quite orange. And big hugs back to you. :o)

  7. I love your new tan boy. I can't wait to see him with his faceup! Who are you having do it? The matching ladybug clothes are adorable!! xoxo

  8. Thank you. :o) The face-up will be done by Smaug on DOA. She has a Littlefee Lishe boy herself wich I didn't know until I talked to her about the face-up.