Friday, November 1, 2013

Names and shipping notise

I got a shipping notice for my big Fairyland order. Yeah! It will be a while before it arrives though because I choosed the cheaper slower shipping.

So with four dolls on their way it's kind of time to start thinking about names. There's a PukiFee Bonnie and a Vanilla. I have been thinking that Bonnie is a boy. At first I thought of calling him Bjorn (Means Bear in Danish) and calling the girl Liv but it didn't really feel right. Then - after watching a lot of old episodes of Extreme Home Makeover - I got the idea to call them Ty and Twig. I just like those names. They have a great ring to them.

It was a little wierd having names for the PukiFees when they don't even have a face-up yet and no name for the MiniFee Mirwin who'll come with a face-up. I was talking to my friend Annefia about a name for Mirwin and we talked about using the full name or shortening it. I said that I always felt it was silly to name a doll - or a child - something only to call them something else. Like why name someone Susanna if you're going to call them Susie? Just name them Susie from the beginning by all means.

So a day or two later my Mirwin send me a messages telling me her name is Fransiska and that she's normally called Siska. Oh dear! They just know what they want and you can't win.

There's also a LittleFee Chloe in the order but I have no idea who she is. I don't even know what colour wig and eyes she's going to have. But that's okay. It can wait.



  1. I'm really glad to hear that your big parcel is finally on it's way Lene....I know you told me in your last email, but I've not got to replying yet...soon though, soon!
    I like the names you've chosen. Fransiska is very popular here in Spain but is spelt Francisca here....or Fransisco depending on boy or girl. But then, like yours, it is usually shortened to Fran, but more commonly, Paco for a boy and Paci (pronounced Packy) for a girl! I think Siska is very nice too...and isn't that a name in itself aswell?
    I'm sure your LTF Chloe will tell you her name in good time and what wig and eyes she's going to be wearing....after all, you are The Wig Queen so I'm sure she'll find something in your house that you already have!! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Thanks Sharon. About the spelling of the names in Denmark we rarely use C but use S or K instead. There are a few names with C though.
    Oh and in my expierence new dolls tend to want me to order new wigs and eyes. I do have a wig I think might work for Chloe though.