Monday, June 1, 2009

New wig

Today I got a wig - custom colour from Tinybear I asked for a dark green wich is kind of difficult to make. She made it as dark as she could and the colour is absolutely PERFECT. Very very beautiful.

It's for my LittleFee Shiwoo Elf Tjalfe who is still only a face-plate. On Thursday I'm paying for his body in a split and the order will go out to Fairyland not long after that.

Speaking of Tjalf I have cleaned off my first try of a face-up and he's ready for me to try again. :o) It probably won't be until after the weekend though.


  1. Congrats to the new wig!!! So, do we get to see a picture?

  2. Eventually you are going to see pictures. I plan on taking a picture of the faceplate when I'm done with the face-up with the eyes in and the faceplate laying on top of the wig.