Monday, June 22, 2009

New clothing.

Today I got two outfits for Krusemynte and Pipaluk. They were made by the wonderful Dambuster at DOA. (The link only works if you're a member at DOA and have Marketplace access.)

Anyway I'm really really happy with the outfits. They are so cute and so well made.

Take a look:

Here they are wearing their hoodies. Please excuse Pipaluk not having the right wig or a face-up yet.

And then one without the hoodies on top of the dresses:

I really need to start thinking about clothes for Tjalfe for when he gets his body. Right after giving him and Pipaluk and Kristoffer a face-up. Having dolls is so much hard work! LOL


  1. Oooh! Look at the pretty new clothes! I love the fabrics!

    And you can tell me ALL about the hard work, and I've only got two of them. LOL

  2. LOL I'm glad you like it Annefia.