Monday, June 29, 2009

Before BJDs.

As I say in my profile I always loved dolls. And that love have expressed itself in different ways over the years. Among other things I have played The Sims and later The Sims 2 a lot. And I have also made pixel dolls for some years. Like thise!

I guess it's kind of obvious that I like fairies. LOL

Not much news about my BJDs. I have decided to not do the face-up on my SoulKid Apple myself and are making arrangements to have the head send directly from ThinkPink to an artist.


  1. How fun to see some of your beautiful pixel dolls again!

  2. Thank you Annefia. I just felt like posting a few of my favorits. I wonder if I could make outfits like that for some of my BJDs. Hummmm . . .

  3. At least I think you could use some of them as inspiration. But I also suspect that many dresses defies the laws of physics. LOL