Thursday, July 30, 2009

A new blog!

I couldn't resist. I had to make a new blog just for the little funny stories about Gro and Tjalfe. It's called Gro's Blog. I actually got to bed way too late because I was busy making this new blog.

My three Custom House dolls are going to have their heads send off to the spa tomorrow and I think I'll have to put their bodies away in a box. It would be too creepy to keep them out just standing there headless. At the same time Quark - my PukiFee hamster face-plate is going for a treatment too. I'm so excited about it!


  1. I've added a link to you new blog now!

    I hope everything goes well with their trip and spa treatment. Who's going to do Quark's face up?

  2. Thanks Annefia. :o)

    Quark is going to the same place as the others. I have no idea what I want for him so I'm only going to tell her what kind of personallety he has and see what she comes up with. I'll mention the artist's name when I show them off after they get back.