Saturday, August 20, 2011

A shiny new one.

So last Sunday a week after my computer went down my vey good friend Grafty came to visit me. Or rather my computer. He quickly found out that my graphis card card had died. (I'm thinking of having a funeral for it.) So he borrowed me a small graphic card - you know the kind you can't really use to play games.

After he left I wanted to talk to my friend Annefia on Skype . . . and my microphone didn't work! I managed to talk to her on my laptop but it was really annoying. The next day I texted Grafty about it and he told me to make sure that the headphone was pluged in properly. It was. Then he told me to check if the plugs in the back was plugged in properly - wich they were. At least I at first thought they were. Until I realized he had pluged the microphone in the wrong place. When I told him he said something like: Oh okay really there you go who would have thought that wonders will never cease but isn't it lovely weather today. (This was 10pm and it was dark)

Then today he came back with a card we had agreed he should get for me. It's somewhat better than the one that died so it's very cool. My computer is actually 7 years old (and Grafty build it for me) but it's not that bad because back then is was SUPER good and fast. Even before I was able to play Settlers 7 even though the graphic would lag a little now and then. Now of course it doesn't lag at all. I'm very happy.

All of this of course have ruined my dolly plans. I was trying to save up so I could get a fullset next time Fairyland have an event but after having to pay a PukiFee - ehhh I mean about 250$ for a new graphic card I'm not sure I'll be able to do that. Sigh!



  1. Weeee! I'm geeky enough to think that a brand new graphics card is a really fun thing. But well, maybe not QUITE as fun as a fullset pukifee though. LOL

    I wonder how the graphics card will look in the new dress I had planned to crochet for you future pukifee? LOL

  2. I WILL get a PukiFee in the future. It has just been postponed a bit. LOL

  3. Sorry that your dolly plans got scrambled. But a new graphic card isn't too bad either! A working computer means easier access to the dolls in the future. Think of all the pictures you can look at for inspiration. And so on.

    ...and I almost want to see that. Graphic card in a dress :P

  4. Thanks LadyNight. I want to see a graphic card in a dress too. LMAO