Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Julliane's background

Like most of my dolls of course Julliane has a background too. Her mom died when she was very little - perhaps 1½ year old. So she grew up with her mom's brother that was 20 years older than her mom and his wife. They didn't really care about her. They just wanted her so be well behaved and look adorable so they could show her off to friends. They didn't understand her at all and they didn't want to try. They saw her like a doll or something.

Her aunt used to dress her up in pink with lace and frills and ruffles and such and she was always told to be careful and not make her clothes dirthy. The result is that she hates pink and lace and ruffles. She likes simple clothes in more or less dark colours - or at least not pastel.

She was never allowed to be with other children either and she is very very shy with very little confidence in herself. When she first came here she had no idea what to make of the other kids. However Vigdis who is also somewhat unsure of herself even though she's not shy like Julliane started to talk to her. They bonded very fast and have become best friends. They have much in common and they really need each other. And they are so cute together.



  1. Background stories can be really interesting (even if I've of course heard this one already). Two of my dolls have background stories but Pytte and Alba-Stina don't (so far at least)

  2. Well I think all my dolls have background stories - some of them just chooses not to tell me about it. LOL