Monday, August 8, 2011

I hate when that happens!

I have decided to try and update more often and also talk a bit about none doll stuff in this blog. Instead of starting a new blog I'll just change the way I use this one.

Yesteday my computer broke down. I was playing a game when all of a sudden it wasn't turned on any more. Once again I realized how difficult it is for me to do without my computer. I have a laptop - a very old and cheap laptop but I have trouble using it. The screen is way too small, the keyboard is difficult to use and I don't have anywhere I can sit comfertable when using it.

The solution to those problems is of course to hook it up with the keyboard, monitor and mouse I normally use for my desktop. Sadly I can't do that myself. Not that I wouldn't be able to figure it out. After all it's pretty straight forward but it involved going down on the floor and I can't do that because of my physical problems.

Luckely my son was able to come and set it up for me. He's such a good boy. Or man perhaps - he's 31. LOL

The hours between my computer broke down and I was on my laptop was horrible though. I didn't know what to do with myself. I couldn't Check my e-mail and talk to my friend in Sweden, I couldn't check forums or anything or look for new dolly stuff to want to buy for several hours. A true nightmare I tell you. I'm sure I have been traumatized by it! LOL