Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hi my name is Dustbunnie and I'm addicted to wigs. I especially love wigs in heat resistant fibers. They are so soft and wonderful. When I had ordered my Momocolor Emma I thought I'd better buy her a wig. And before I knew it I had bought three.

Since I figure Emma has the same size head as a MiniFee Roeskva (MNF Shiwoo girl) is modeling the wigs here.

Roeskva wants to keep the last wig tho0ugh and I might let her.

Not long after recieving those I got some Happy Camille wigs I ordered from Ersa Flora a long time ago. I find it a little dissapointing that there are so few styles available for the smaler heads. (Like all not SD heads) I love all the colour choices though. I just wish I could get them in heat resistant fibers.
This is one of them - a new wig for Vendelin. I really loved her old wig . . . at least until the "updo" fell apart. I'm never buying another wig with an updo. The new one is pretty on her too though.

Fianlly I notised Jpop had gotten a couple of new styles and imidiately had to order three. But I'll show those later.



  1. I really love your Vendelin, she's so pretty. I love her nose, it's very different from most bjds noses.

  2. Thanks Sharon. She's a modded DolleZone Annie and her nose is one of the things that are modded.