Friday, November 30, 2012


The Momocolor Emma I've been waiting for arrived a little while ago. I had ordered a pair of Enchanted eyes for her, but I wasn't sure I'd use them since they were a little more orange and less brown than I expected. I put them in her when she came home and they are growing on me. I think she's keeping them.

She took a little longer to arrive home because she visited Spain and my friend Sharon on the way. Wich means she arrived with two beautiful outfits. So without further delay meet Fiona.

When she arrived it turned out that she was actually the long lost older sister of my PukiFee Cupid Snowdrop. See how alike they look?



  1. She looks so 'at home' now with you Lene, and I love that wig on her. I think the eyes have grown on me too because I didn't like them much in the box but they really do suit her, particularly with this wig, which is so pretty on her. I'm glad she's settled in so quickly after her little detour to Spain.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. Thanks Sharon. I'm really happy with her. I love how much she looks like my PukiFee Cupid. They just have the same smile.