Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long time no blog

Well it has "only" been 6 month. LOL A lot have happened since then though. First of all I got the LittleFee Pipi girl I have been wanting from LittleFees first came out. Her face-up is by Sims, her wig is from Jpop and her eyes are Enchanted eyes. Meet Rowan.

Then I bought a LittleFee Ante face-plate at the Marketplace. It's a modded sleeping plate. Her name is Salvia.

The next doll I got was also a LittleFee - a Chloe this time. Her name is Topple.

At the same time as I got Topple I got two PukiFees. The first one was a Zio called Piil. In Danish pil means arrow or willow. I only spelled her name with doubble i to make English speaking people pronaunce it more the right way. She's a determend little lady that one. See what I mean?

And then there was a Mio that was in stock and that I added to my order just before shipment. Her name is Glitch and she's sweet enough except she wants to be different at all costs.

Phew that was a lot of new dolls. LOL At the moment I'm waiting for a Momocolor Emma. Her name is Fiona and she's staying with my friend Sharon at the moment because Sharon is making her two outfits. I'm looking forward to getting her home.


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  1. So many new pretties! And Rowans nose still makes me all "Awwww". She is so cute! <3