Monday, July 20, 2009

New doll and face-up attempts.

So much has happened since I updated last time. First I took some pictures of all the stuff I had for my incomming PukiFee. Have a look!

First there's all the shoes. Only the two pairs to the left in the first row and the three pairs to the left in the second row are new. The others I already had. I bought them for Ulja (Tinybear Moona) and Amaryllis (Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf)The new shoes are from Ruby Red.

Clothes from Spampy

And hair and eyes. The wig is a custom colour from Tinybear (pale blond with periwinkle) and the eyes are 10mm sable glass eyes from Ginarolo at DOA

Then the body for Tjalfe - my LittleFee Shiwoo elf face-plate - was on it's way. That ment I had to pull my act together and get the face-up done. And now I was working I gave Pipaluk and Kristoffer a face-up too.

I'm not too happy with them, especially not Kristoffer. Pipaluk might be technically not so good but the face-up expresses her personalety like I wanted. Anyway here they are:

Pipaluk - as you can see she's also got her right wig now. It's from Ruby Red as well.

And Kristoffer

July 14th I could finally pick up poor Tjalfe's body at the post office. I was soooo excited to finally put him together. I'm so in love with this boy. He's such a sweet guy. A little serious and thoughtfull though he's got plenty of humor. He's also a very clever little guy. Sorry he's full of hair from his haircut.

At first I didn't have any clothes for him. I had a pair og blue pants with flowers and pink edges I got for Krusemynte but . . .

After a while I managed to talk him into accepting a purple t-shirt and I made him some shorts. Here he's hanging out his favorit place just beside my computer monitor


  1. First of all, that's a WHOLE lot of shoes! Wow! I think it's even more than when I saw them the last time. (I don't think you'd gotten the Ruby Red shoes then)

    Secondly, Tjalfe's such a cutie! I think I have a crush on your little boy. I especially love the second photo of him.

    I think you're right about Pipaluk's and Kristoffer's face ups. Her face up looks very right on her but his doesn't. She's actually looking older than him.

  2. Tjalfe is just irrisistable! LOL

    Well about the face-ups I'll hopefully be sending all three CH kids off to a spa treatment soon. :o)