Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My PukiFeeeeeeee . . . .

I was so happy to get my PukiFee Shiwoo Boris fullset. Soon after ordering I started to find out that it was actually a girl. Her name is Gro. The hamster face-plate is it's own person, a boy named Quark. He will be using most of the fullset stuff. And of course he wants his own body. LOL

Anyway here's Gro

With big brother Tjalfe.

She loves dogs.

Gotta do something about that hair

Finally decided on the butterflies

Gro: Look what I can do!

Telling Tjalfe a secret. They really love each other.

I really really love this girl. At the moment I just love her too much to let Quark borrow her body. That will have to wait until he has a face-up.


  1. I DO have a crush on your little girl! She's WAY too cute to be good for me. LOL BTW, I hope it's okay to borrow two photos of her for my blog?

  2. Of course you can borrow pictures - how ever many you like.

  3. it's all a part of your brainwashing plot I assume! LOL

  4. Ye . . I mean no I would never try to brainwash you. *Looks very innocent*