Thursday, July 30, 2009

New clothes for Tjalfe.

I had ordered some clothes for Tjalfe - LittleFee Shiwoo - from Spampy and a few days ago they arrived. Tjalfe is very happy to finally have some real boy clothes.

Gro was unhappy and perhaps most of all surprised that there wasn't anything for her. LOL

It's now been more than 4 month since the order for a SoulKid Apple I placed with Think Pink was send to Soul Doll. I'm starting to be impatient to be honest. I want to have my Emmelia home soon.


  1. You know I think Tjalfe is adorable in his new BOY clothes. :o)

    4 months!!! I didn't know it was THAT long. I hope they're not "doing a Custom House"

  2. I REALLY hope they're not "doing a Custom House" either. I have actually decided to mail Think Pink and ask for news.

    Oh and Tjalfe is ALWAYS adorable. LOL