Saturday, November 5, 2011

BJD Challenge Day 2

Do you own any? If so how many and if not, do you have any plans to at the moment?

I have 27 full dolls, two extra LittleFee faceplates with personalleties (and face-up eyes and wigs) and a head also with everything except a body. Then I have a MNF OE head with eyes and an idea of a wig but she needs a new face-up before becommimg a "person" and I have a blank MNF Juri 2010 head and three MNF sleeping heads but I have no imidiate plans for any of them. I also have three incomming dolls all DollZone 1/4 - a tan Annie that's been shipped and a WS Mo and a WS modded Annie that I have on layaway. The last two are second hand and from the same seller and I'll get them in January.

As for plans . . . I do plan to get a LittleFee Chiwoo - I already have a wig and I am waiting for the eyes I want to come in. I also want a LittleFee DES or Lishe with a custom face-up. I have both eyes and wig for her. I also plan to get rid of 4 dolls. I want Amaryllis my Soom MiniGem Uyoo Elf to go and live with my friend Annefia and I plan to sell my three CH kids.

And then there's all my wishes. At the moment the ones I wish for the most is a MNF Mirwin and a PukiFee Cupid . . . and perhaps a PukiFee Pong as well.


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