Saturday, November 12, 2011

BJD Challenge Day 7

Smallest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)

I have two Real Pukis but they are actually too small for me. I can't really do anything with them so they are just standing around looking cute. I do tend to go awwwww over the very small dolls (Like Squee 6cm) - I used to love small things, the smalle the better - but I can't really handle anything smaller than a PukiFee. (16cm)

When I was little my eyesight was very bad and I didn't get glasses until I was 6 years old. This ment that my moter skills weren't developed like they should have been and I still feel the consequence of that. Not that it really matters so much most of the time but it does when dealing with real tiny things. So no more dolls smaller than 16cm for me.


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