Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving stress

At the moment I'm all stressed by the move. After all I'm moving in three weeks and a lot of things just isn't ready yet.

I have packed up all my dolls except Gro, Tjalfe, (They are so small)Ilvara, (I love her too much to live three weeks without her) and Emmelia - my SoulKid Apple. Well actually I still only have her body but the head will be here within a week as it was shipped from Holland today.

In the meantime I was going through all my dolls clothes and organizing them better. I also got two pair of shoes with Emmelia's body. So I changed Ilvara's clothes and I think she looks soooo cute in this:

I also got some clothes from Spampy Both Gro and I love it.

Understand why we love the new clothes?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yeah very exciting news!

Finally my SoulKid Apple arrived at Think Pink. Now I'm just waiting to get her home. I'll get the body and a few other things I ordered first and the head a bit later since it's visiting SchwarzStein from DOA for a face-up before comming home. I'm so looking forward to meeting my Emmelia since I don't know much about her yet.

Another thing is that I'm moving very soon. I just got offered an appartment on the ground floor and I'll probably move within a month. It's going to be a very difficult process for me for various reasons but it will be much better once I get setteled the new place.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And they are on their way.

Saturday I shipped the heads of my three Custom House kids - and my PukiFee Hamster - off to the spa. They are going to visit a friend in Australia for treatment. It's very exciting but I'm of course going to miss them while they are gone. And I'll be worried about them too. I hope they will have a safe trip both ways.

Doesn't it look sad . . . and somewhat creepy too? LOL

I begin to get a bit unpatient waiting for my SoulKid Apple. I ordered her through ThinkPink April 2nd and they ordered from SoulDoll April 25th. It's been over three month now and I think in's beginning to be too much. Sigh!