Monday, September 28, 2009

New place

I finally finished my move and are settling in to my new appartment. I really think I'll love it here.

It's a very nice area and I have taken some photos outside. First one of Emmelia my SoulKid Apple.

And some of Gro. I just love taking pictures of this girl soooo much. (Can you tell? LOL)

Trying out some glasses. This picture is taken near my local mall.

Grapes from my own tiny garden.

And just a couple of random pictures.

I also bought Gro some new toys.
A doll

and some kittens

She also likes the scateboard

but Tjalfe uses it more. (Note his Marsh pants)

Doesn't he look cool?

Some very exciting new: I ordered the female MiniFee Shiwoo I have been wanting for a long time (September 9th) and while I was at it I also ordered a LittleFee Ante Elf. I had wanted a Lishe but when Ante came out with elf ears I just had to have her. LOL

Oh and then I had a terrible accident and my finger slipped - twice - and I also ordered both the new RealPukis. Oops!