Friday, March 27, 2015

Comming Home

My tan Fairyland dolls arrived some days ago. I just love that colour. It's so beautiful. Okay I love my tan DollZones too even though they are quite a bit more orange but still.

First here's Cinnamon. She's a MiniFee Celine and has a A-line body with model legs. I'm not sure if she has a B or C breast. She'll have different eyes but I plan on keeping her in that wig. I won't know for sure though until I get her home from Face-up.

Here's Dot. She's a PukiFee Ante and I named her Dot because I plan for her to be my last PukiFee. Fairyland have been known to ruin my dolly plans before but I hope they won't this time. She too will have new eyes - green almost like her hair.

Then I had my three girls comming home from anthrogirl's spa. I'm just so much in love with them.

First up is Joy. She's a PukiFee Sarang plate. I bought an Ante and hope to sell that face-plate so she has her own body. And look at her - who would dare to deny her anything? The girl's got attitude!

This is Trude. She's a tan LittleFee Chloe. She's a very sweet girl.

Last but not least is Peta-Lynn. She's a MiniFee Sarang. I think she might be my favorit. I just can't resist that sweet smile of hers.

I just can't stop looking at her.