Sunday, December 16, 2012

And a Teddybear

I'm just crazy at times. I love buying things for my dolls at Etsy. A little while ago I went completely mad and ordered several things. I ordered some fabric - like I needed that. I mean I don't sew myself any more. So why on earth did I need 15 different fabrics? I also ordered a tiny teddybear. It's the only thing that has arrived yet and it's too cute for words. All my PukiFees wanted the bear but the bear decided to belong to Snowdrop - probably because her colours looked good with him.

Here they are together:

And now we're talking about spending money I have bought a MiniFee body from The Marketplace at DOA. It's for my WS Lishe head. Her name is Dagmar and she has a wig and eyes but needs a new face-up. I have already gotten a spot with the artist I want for her and I'm sending her off after New Years.

Then I just need to order a NS body for my Juri 2010 head. That's with the very talented face-up artist Xhanthi at the moment and so is Maylea's head. (My DollZone BB Ani) I'm so looking forward to seeing them done.

Back when I got the Juri head from Fairyland I was actually thinking of selling her. I didn't like her that much. Since then I've seen several Juri 2010s with beautiful face-ups and have fallen in love with her.


Friday, November 30, 2012


The Momocolor Emma I've been waiting for arrived a little while ago. I had ordered a pair of Enchanted eyes for her, but I wasn't sure I'd use them since they were a little more orange and less brown than I expected. I put them in her when she came home and they are growing on me. I think she's keeping them.

She took a little longer to arrive home because she visited Spain and my friend Sharon on the way. Wich means she arrived with two beautiful outfits. So without further delay meet Fiona.

When she arrived it turned out that she was actually the long lost older sister of my PukiFee Cupid Snowdrop. See how alike they look?


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hi my name is Dustbunnie and I'm addicted to wigs. I especially love wigs in heat resistant fibers. They are so soft and wonderful. When I had ordered my Momocolor Emma I thought I'd better buy her a wig. And before I knew it I had bought three.

Since I figure Emma has the same size head as a MiniFee Roeskva (MNF Shiwoo girl) is modeling the wigs here.

Roeskva wants to keep the last wig tho0ugh and I might let her.

Not long after recieving those I got some Happy Camille wigs I ordered from Ersa Flora a long time ago. I find it a little dissapointing that there are so few styles available for the smaler heads. (Like all not SD heads) I love all the colour choices though. I just wish I could get them in heat resistant fibers.
This is one of them - a new wig for Vendelin. I really loved her old wig . . . at least until the "updo" fell apart. I'm never buying another wig with an updo. The new one is pretty on her too though.

Fianlly I notised Jpop had gotten a couple of new styles and imidiately had to order three. But I'll show those later.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long time no blog

Well it has "only" been 6 month. LOL A lot have happened since then though. First of all I got the LittleFee Pipi girl I have been wanting from LittleFees first came out. Her face-up is by Sims, her wig is from Jpop and her eyes are Enchanted eyes. Meet Rowan.

Then I bought a LittleFee Ante face-plate at the Marketplace. It's a modded sleeping plate. Her name is Salvia.

The next doll I got was also a LittleFee - a Chloe this time. Her name is Topple.

At the same time as I got Topple I got two PukiFees. The first one was a Zio called Piil. In Danish pil means arrow or willow. I only spelled her name with doubble i to make English speaking people pronaunce it more the right way. She's a determend little lady that one. See what I mean?

And then there was a Mio that was in stock and that I added to my order just before shipment. Her name is Glitch and she's sweet enough except she wants to be different at all costs.

Phew that was a lot of new dolls. LOL At the moment I'm waiting for a Momocolor Emma. Her name is Fiona and she's staying with my friend Sharon at the moment because Sharon is making her two outfits. I'm looking forward to getting her home.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

I resently got my DollZone Ray back. His name is Vincent BTW. He's named after themain male caracter in an old TV series called Beauty and the Beast because he has a very similar personality. It's like part of him is a wild animal but he's also a very beautiful soul - a true gentleman. He has to struggle all the time to keep his wild side under control. Noone - least of all Vincent himself - know what will happen should he loose the control. If he got really really angry and lost control over himself he just might tear the person he got angry at to pieces - literally . . . with his bare hands.

Okay on to the pictures. Today he got his wig and this is how he looks. He still needs his proper clothes though.

Here his is with Vendelin before his proper wig arrived. (I think she like him)

I have been having some problems with my DoolZone Aimi right from the start. The wig and eyes I had planned for her didn't really work out. I tried another wig (and changed her eyes) and it wasn't really good either. So the other day I was going through all the wigs I have and I tried every 7/8 wig on her. And then i realised that not only did they look wrong they were kind of loose as well. And her head does look smaller than my other DollZones. Then I got the idea to try a 6/7 Jojo wig I originally bought for my Narae on her. And it was PERFECT! Look!

I'm so much more happy with her now.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up

I better try and catch up a bit on everything that is happening in my dolly world. LOL
First of all I got my PukiFee Cupid Snowdrop home. She's so cute but don't let her sweet smile fool you. She's a very mischievous little one.

Then Gro got a new wig. She had had her old wig ever since she arrived but it was a Tibetan wool wig and it was getting really bad. It had completely faded and it was loosing a lot of hairs. I was a bit worried that a new wig might change her and I didn't want that but this one is just perfect for her.

And a picture of Snowdrop, Sif and Gro together.

I also found a tan DollZone 1/4 Ray at the Marketplace at DOA. He was even from a seller in Europe so no problem with customs. I have often thought that I'd like a Ray and I love DZ tan so I just had to get him. He never had a face-up though and the day after getting him I riped his head off and send it to Xhanthi for a face-up.
Here's a picture of him is a wig and some eyes I like for him. If you click the picture you'll see another picture with his nakid body and some of the other dolls reaction to it all.

My DollZone modded Annie came home from face-up a couple of days ago. And I'm just SO happy with her. Not only do I think she looks beautiful but her face-up really expresses her personallety as well. She's a very genlte girl, a little shy and a little sad.

And then I have to admit I have gone completely crazy. I just fell head over heals in love with a couple of the new dolls Fairyland resently came out with. And a couple of days later I got a refund from my heating payments so . . . I ordered a PukiFee Zio and a LittleFee Chloe.

I'm not addicted. Really I'm not. I can stop any time I want to. Really I can.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

About tax refunds

Aren't they wonderful? Especially when they are big enough for you to order a PukiFee Cupid that you want? I just got a refund like that. I could even order some more Jpop wigs too.

I was so lucky that Sweet'n'Honey had a Cupid in stock. I wanted her with a face-upped sleeping plate but I gave up on that ide to get the one they had in stock. This means she might get her next week if I'm lucky. Or perhaps not since it's Easter. Anyway she'll be home soon. And I'm sooooo happy. *Danses happily around.*


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is a few updates better than none?

I hope so because I just can't keep this updated the way I want. I try my best but it just doesn't work out.

So my LittleFee Pipi girl - who is named Rowan is at the face-up artist. And so is Vendelin's head. It's very exciting and I'm really eager to see how they both turn out.

I got some clothes I had ordered from Spampy. As usual the quallety is amazing and it's all so cute. There's two outfits for Rowan. Since she's not here yet and Shilling is wearing a pair of shoes that's a pain in the a. . . behind to get off and put on Tjalfe agreed to moddel the outfits and the wig like the littel gentleman he is. (And after some serious bribing)

I also got an outfit for the PukiFee Cupid I want. She named herself a while ago. Her name is Snowdrop. I tried to tell her that all my PukiFees have one syllable names but she didn't care. Her name is Snowdrop and that's that! Her wig is the white and pink Jpop Winter Angel and I have a pair of gray Enchanted eyes for her. Anyway here's Sif moddeling her wig and outfit.

Sif now wants a dress just like it but in blue. Oh dear!


Friday, February 24, 2012

About layaways and wigs.

I don't think I have mentioned it but at the moment I have a LittleFee Pipi on layaway at Denver Doll. When I have paied the last installment at the beginning of March and the doll has arrived DDE will ship it to a girl in USA. She'll the replace the boy body for an older girl body and provide a face-up. I am very very excited about this because I have wanted a Pipi girl ever since LittleFees first came out. There were just always other dolls that I wanted too and I wanted a girl body so I couldn't just order one.

I have had the wig and eyes for the Pipi girl for a while. Her name is probably going to be Rowan and she'll have red hair (Jpop Kana Wave wig) and olive green Enchanted eyes. The wig is the same deep red colour as unpolished cobber. I think she'll be very beautiful.

Now I'm talking about Jpop wigs . . . I just got some wigs from them some days ago. I just LOVE their new Winter Angel wigs. They are really wonderful.

The first one is a 7/8 Winter Angel - here modeled by Katarina my DollZone tan Annie

Then there's a Winter Angel in 5/6 modeled by Sif my PukiFee Ante

And a Kana Wavw also modeled by Sif

And last but not least another Winter Angel in 6/7 modeled by Shilling my LittleFee modded Rachel

Shilling imideatly claimed that wig as her future wig. And can you blame her? I just love it on her. I liked her old wig a lot but this is just so . . . it really enhances her face.
And another picture of her just because I love her so much.


BJD Challenge Day 18

Do you have a favourite company?

I have two favorit companies - Fairyland and DollZone. I love both very much. From Fairyland I love both PukiFee, LittleFees and MiniFees. Real Pukis is also cute beyond words but they are too small for me. PukiPukis are also cute but I like Real Pukis more and they are still too small. All Fairyland dolls have such beautiful joints, especially knees and elbows. Their posabillity is also incredble.

As for DollZone I love 1/4 or MSDs and their bigger BB dolls. They have some new more . . . hummmmm . . very different dolls and I don't like those so much. But the traditional ones I just love. They have really good posabillity too. The MSDs can do almost everything MNFs can do and they are easier to pose. Their knees and elbows are not quite as beautiful but I like that they are just a little taller. And of course I love a lot of the molds. However I can see that DollZones is not for everyone. They are not beautiful in the same way as Fairyland dolls but they have so much personallety. I just love that about them. I am sad though that they discontinued their tan. It's such a beautiful colour.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BJD Challenge Day 17

What is your favourite item of dollie clothing?

I have so many wonderful outfits. It's impossible to say wich one is my favorit. I do have LOT of amazing clothes for LittleFee and PukiFee made by Spampy. I also love the demin shirt and jacket made by Sharon in Spain for my Narae . . . oh and a MNF set from Fairyland and . . . . well I have too many.

All I can say is that Spampy and Sharon in Spain (Dambuster) are my favorit people to commission for clothes. They both make wonderful quallity clothing.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

BJD Challenge Day 16

Can any of your crew stand on their heads? (Show us~)

Well at least some of them can but I'm not getting the picture taken so I decided to post anyway. I mean it's silly to let this prevent me from doing the rest of the challenge. Sorry about that.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally back!

I haven't really had the energy to update for quite a while but I'm starting to get it back. Just hoping it will stay that way for a long time.

Anyway I didn't mention that I got the DollZone 1/4 Annie in tan skin in the beginning of November. She is just soooo beautiful and I love her more and more each day. Let me introduse Katarina.

Just before Christmas I finally got the mermaid tail for my White Skin PukiFee Bonnie. Here is Mims.

She has informed me that mermaids need to have all the gummi bears they can eat at least three times a week. And what do I know about mermaids?
Here she's wearing a top my friend Annefia made for her.

Quite a while back I bought two 1/4 DollZones from the marketplace at DOA They are both white skin and they are a Mo who's called Vargan and a modded Annie who's called Vendelin. They are siblings.

Vargan is a name I made up myself from the Swedish word varg wich means wolfe. He came with a face-up and I bought his eyes that were Enchanted eyes made especially for him. I love him so much.

Vendelin doesn't have a face-up yet but will soon be leaving to get one. She looks like this:

Because of the bright sunshine you can't really see the colour of her eyes but they are the same colour as her wig only perhaps slightly darker. I'm so looking forward to seeing her with a face-up.

And finally a picture of Vargan, Vendelin and Katarina. Katarina is an Annie too but because of the modding they look very very different.

I guess that's the most important news for now.