Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a dolls world.

Last time I posted I didn't mention it but I was at a creative hobby fair where some BJD people had a stand.

It was really wonderful to meet other people who were interrested in BJDs. I was there both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I got to talk to this girl and we decided she would buy three of my dolls. Tamaya, my Resin Sould Ju that I never really bonded with - I think she disliked me right from the beginning - and Hekla and Eydis, my twin Bobobie Sprites that kind of didn't fit in with the others. I'm very happy with the sale and I like the fact that they stay together.

This also allowed me to order a body for Kieron, my MNF Breakaway scar head and arm - and I've made arrangements for his face-up and blushing. I'm SO looking forward to getting him.

At the moment I'm really looking forward - and getting a bit impatient - to getting Roeskva and Vigdis (Female MNF Shiwoo and LittleFee Ante elf) home. The face-up artis is sick so it'll take a couple of weeks still - at least. Sigh!

Meanwhile I have been thinking a lot about Ilvara and her story. I started a blog about it a while ago. Ilvara's Story.

While thinking about her I realized that all my dolls actually live in this world of their own. They all live in or around a small village called Skovby. The RealPukis, My Sleeping Elf tiny Moona and my Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf are all creatures living in the wood. Miripihka lives in a hut by the beach and Ilvara lives in a cottages a little bit away from the village itself. The rest lives in the village.

I made a map of the area. If you click on the pictures you'll get a bigger version in a new window.


I'm so proud of this map I have to post it in this blog too. LOL


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally an update!

I really should update my blog more often. Too many new things to tell all at once this way.

Roeskva and Vigdis (MNF and LittleFee Ante elf) finally arrived and their heads/face-plate was send off to Italy for face-up. This time they arrived safely.

Shortly before that my DollZone babies arrived. Miripihka (Finnish word for amber) the Feilian 3 fullset is soooo beautiful. I just changed her eyes because I didn't like the default ones. Here she is with her default eyes.

And then with the ones I got her

She's a witch and she lives in a hut at the beach. She gather herbs and make potions and help animals like seals. She helps people too but does her best to not let them too close to her. She's mysterious, in some ways withdrawn (but that's mostly to protect herself from being hurt) and she has a purity of heart. She's much more connected to nature than to people. She hasn't told me anything about her background yet so I don't know anything about her parents, her childhood or where she came from. And she is just so incredible beautiful in my opinion -

- and so different from Ilvara my other Feilian! She is holding one of the Christmas babies - baby D - that came with my DollZone order this time.

Isn't he a cute little guy?

I also got Maylea the BB Ani I ordered. I just love her!

She's my little wild thing. She's the kind of kid that will hang by her ankles in the chandelier or jump from the top of the closet onto the bed because she's playing she can fly. She's very active and adventurous and not afraid of anything. She's also full of joy and loves life (and people unless they give her a reason not to) and she feels everything very strongly. She doesn't sit around feeling things though or talk about things - she does things!

Her mother was Ilvara's sister. Her grandmother and Ilvara's mother was a troll, who and what her grandfather was noone knows. It's likely that her dad was human though even if nobody knows who he was. Her mother was killed in some sort of accident and she was send to be reaised by her aunt Ilvara - who didn't even know she had a sister before she was asked to take care of Maylea.