Friday, November 1, 2013

Names and shipping notise

I got a shipping notice for my big Fairyland order. Yeah! It will be a while before it arrives though because I choosed the cheaper slower shipping.

So with four dolls on their way it's kind of time to start thinking about names. There's a PukiFee Bonnie and a Vanilla. I have been thinking that Bonnie is a boy. At first I thought of calling him Bjorn (Means Bear in Danish) and calling the girl Liv but it didn't really feel right. Then - after watching a lot of old episodes of Extreme Home Makeover - I got the idea to call them Ty and Twig. I just like those names. They have a great ring to them.

It was a little wierd having names for the PukiFees when they don't even have a face-up yet and no name for the MiniFee Mirwin who'll come with a face-up. I was talking to my friend Annefia about a name for Mirwin and we talked about using the full name or shortening it. I said that I always felt it was silly to name a doll - or a child - something only to call them something else. Like why name someone Susanna if you're going to call them Susie? Just name them Susie from the beginning by all means.

So a day or two later my Mirwin send me a messages telling me her name is Fransiska and that she's normally called Siska. Oh dear! They just know what they want and you can't win.

There's also a LittleFee Chloe in the order but I have no idea who she is. I don't even know what colour wig and eyes she's going to have. But that's okay. It can wait.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

About tan boys and Ladybugs

I had ordered a LittleFee Lishe and were planning to switch bodies with Ellie my Reni who's of course really on a boy body. But a while after I made the order came tan. I changed my order to a tan boy. And now he has arrived.

His name is Theis and I'll send him off for a face-up in October. I'm already in love with him. I'm thinking that caracterwise he's a bit like Emil of Lönneberga

Maylea found a new friend. Even though they are very different she feels that they somehow have something in common.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Why I love Ante

I tend to "fall in love" with a doll or two of my gang. I'm usually in love with newcommers but I often fall in love with one of my older dolls too. It's like they take turns to be my favorit. At the moment it's my LittleFee Ante elf Vigdis and LittleFee Ante elf modded sleeping plate Salvia. Perhaps you can understand it if you look at the latest pictures of them.

First Vigdis

And then Salvia.

I just love Ante. Perhaps I should have ordered a tan Ante. Hummmm . . . If I could find the money I'd do that . . . right after a tan MiniFee Karsh girl. LOL


Sunday, July 14, 2013

While we're waiting

So I'm waiting for some tan Fairyland dolls. Among them two PukiFees. This made me buy some new clothes as I always like to have something new for incomming dolls. But then . . . .

Me: Hey Gro where did you get that outfit!

Gro: I found it in a plastic bag you got in the mail.
Me: So you just took it without asking? It was ment for the new incomming tan PukiFees.
Gro: But noone was using it. And I like this very much.
Me: Well I guess I still have some . .

. . new items for the . . .
. . . or not! *Bangs head against wall.*


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Default outfit

My Lishe Gaia got her outfit a couple of days ago. I have been planning for her to have this outfit from before she got a body or a face-up. It's made my my wonderful and talented friend Sharon and I love it. It's going to be her "default" outfit.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leave it up to Fairyland

Just leave it up to Fairyland and they'll completely ruin all your dolly plans. Just as I was thinking about how to make sure I could get a second tan LittleFee they announce that they'll offer tan MiniFees too until the end of August. AUGH! What to do, what to do? I would really really love a tan MiniFee or two as well. But there's no way I can afford that. I mean what I want is about 2000$ and I just don't have that kind of money laying around. Sigh!

I am hoping to find the funds to get my two PukiFees and one LittleFee and one MiniFee. The LittleFee will be a Chloe but I'm not sure who the MiniFee will be. (If I can find the money) Perhaps a tan Mirwin with default face-up. A Rheia would be nice too. . . . or a DES . . . or Karsh girl or . . . . . a boy Mirwin would be really cool too. Oh no! What am I to do? *Bangs head against wall.*

A few days ago I was taking some pictures in my garden. Here's Maylea my DollZone BB Ani. I just love her SO much since she got her new face-up from Xhanthi

Just love her profile.

Here she is with Desmo. Awwww . . . puppy love.

In other news today I got a wonderful pacage from my dear friend Annefia. It was a lot of wonderful and yummy home made things. Cookies and cake and different kinds of jam and such. It's just the kind of things I can't buy anywhere. I'm so happy about it and I'm going to enjoy eating it all.


Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm a Headhunter

In my resent pacage from Fairyland I got three blank MiniFee heads. Ruth who I want to put on a DollZone body to make him taller and the two event heads Seian and Yder. So I really felt the need to buy one more blank head. (Yeah right. I'm insane.)

Actually SoulDoll are discontinuing some of their SoulKids and selling those with a 20% discount + they are selling the heads seperatly. I looked at them and found that I really wanted a Jonny head. I think he looks very mature and I want mature looking guys. It might be quite a while before he gets a body or a face-up, wig or eyes - or even a personallety and a name. But he'll be here waiting for those things.

This is what he looks like:

Also my plans to order IpleHouse KID Milly and JID Asa have been postponed. It's of course Fairyland's fault. They have PukiFees and LittleFees in tan and the LittleFees you can choose gender limited until the end of August. I'm starting a layaway at DDE at some point in July or August for two PukiFees and hopefully two LittleFees. I know I want a PKF Bonnie and a Vanilla. I'm not too sure of the LittleFees. I mean if I can afford two the second one is going to be Chloe (I'll then sell Topple's face-plate and snatch her body for one of my other face-plates. Wait . . . does that mean I'm a body-snatcher too?) but the first LittleFee is either going to be a Pipi girl, a Shiwoo girl, a Jack Straw girl or a Lishe. . . . . I think . . . .


Sunday, May 26, 2013

A huge pacage

In February I ordered a MiniFee body for Charlotta my Juri 2010 head. I ordered it with a Ruth head because I have been wanting a Ruth guy on a DollZone body for a long time. The reason I want a DollZone body is so he'll be taller. (46cm) I also ordered a LittleFee Reni with face-up. A couple of days ago the pacage finally arrived.

I have posted pictures of Charlotta before (borrowing a body) so there's not much news in that but Reni . . . . OMG I love her. Yes she's a girl. I ordered a LittleFee Lishe not long ago and I'm going to make him a boy. He and Reni will just swap bodies when he gets here.

Anyway here's pictures of my new girl Ellie


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Knitting project

A wile ago I got inspired to start knitting again. Now I can't knit much because if I do more than a little every day my hands will hurt. However that's the good thing about doll clothes they don't take that long.

Seffia imidiately claimed the dress I knitted. She actually claimed it even before it was finished.

She also has a new wig and I really love it. This super short cut looks so good on her but the blond wig was too light. This one is perfect


Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Get a New Doll Very Cheap

Back when I got my PukiFee Mio Glitch she was a total impulse buy. I was getting something else from Denver Doll Imposium and they had her in stock. I had the money - almost - so I bought her. Resently I have been looking at her wishing I had a Vanilla or a Zoe or something instead.

Then I saw the cutest modded Bonnie face-plate up for trade at The Marketplace. And one of the things the owner wished to trade her with was a Mio with default face-up. It was even inside EU so no problem with customs. That Bonnie just grabed my heart imidiatly so I send the owner a PM and now I have a new doll and she only cost me the shipping.

So meet Liz.
I had her wig laying around and also her eyes. The minut I saw her face-plate I knew she had red hair. I wasn't sure about the eyes but they are perfect for her. She's somewhat different from my other PukiFees because they're all very confident and more or less cheeky. Lis is a little unsure of herself and a very sweet girl.

Here's my PukiFee army except Mims my ws Bonnie mermaid. (I'm considering selling her. Perhaps I'll get a Vanilla instead.)


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sneak Peak

I resently got pictures from the face-up artist who had just finished my MiniFee ws Lishe head. I had send the wig and eyes along with the head so she's wearing her own eyes and wig. Her body is on it's way from Canada and my friend Sharon will be making her an outfit. I just thought I'd show a sneak peak of her face-up though. The pictures are taken by the face-up artist Smaug.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This is how it feel now.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I never showed off my Juri 2010 after she arrived home. Okay she doesn't have a body yet - tecknically but she borrowd Senja's. She tried a couple of wigs and ended up choosig the last one.

She told me her name is Charlotta. At first she tried to make me belive it was Charlotte Amaie like an old Danish queen but in the end admitteted it was just Charlotta.

February 9th I ordered a body for Charlotta and a LittleFee Reni from Fairyland. I'm really looking forward to getting my Reni who'll be a girl. I have two different wigs for her to choose from and two sets of eyes. One of the wigs is the second wig Charlotta tried. I have no idea wich ones she'll choose or just what her name might be. I'm very excited about her though.

Today I also bought a ws MiniFee female A-line body for my Lishe head. The head is currently out for face-up and it'll take a while before I get the body. I have no idea about her name either. She'll be getting a fantasy face-up and I plan to commision a Mori girl outfit for her.

And silly silly me is alread thinking about the next doll I want. I'm insane. I know. LOL


Monday, February 4, 2013

Wishing for spring

Not long ago I got a bunch of new clothes for the bigger kids - as in LittleFees. The other day all my LittleFee girls decided that since Maylea had put on a new (It was actually one of the first dresses she ever got) dress after she got home they wanted to put on something else too. So they looked through the new stuff, mixed it with some old things and all changed.

A couple of years ago Gro (PKF Shiwoo girl) got the idea that putting on something more spring-like would make spring arrive earlier. I'm afraid that it has since been a superstition among my resin kids. I just can't convince them it's not true. And who knows . . . . I mean it's not like I have any idea when spring would arrive this year if they didn't change their clothes.

Anyway here they're all hanging out on their usual shelf - except Fiona who's watching the PukiFees. (She thinks it's haaaard work!)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Comming home

My two heads arrived home from Xhanthi's spa not long ago. I'm very very happy with them both.

Maylea (DollZone BB Ani) had a new wig - well actually three new wigs - waiting for her. I also ordered some new eyes for her but thay haven't arrived yet. I was planning to use her old eyes until the new ones arrived but do you think I could rember where I put them? I know I put them somewhere safe so they wouldn't get loost. If I just knew where that was!

Anyway I had a look at the eyes I had and decided to tey these. They are the very first eyes I ever ordered five years ago. They were ment for Ilvare my DollZone Feilian who was the first doll I ordered. (But not the first one to arrive)On the DollZone site they said that she should have 16mm eyes but they are way way too big. She now wears 12mm. These eyes are 17mm Masterpiece eyes and I adore the colour. They have just been laying around ever since because none of my dolls have ever worn anything bigger than 14mm. I like them so much in Maylea that she might end up keeping them though.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Juri 2010

Back in 2010 I got a Juri event head from Fairyland. I was planning to sell it cause I didn't like it much. I never got around to actually selling her and that's a really good thing. After seeing other Juri 2010 with face-ups I changed my mind and decided I really liked her. So off she went with Maylea to visit the very talented Xhanthi for a face-up. And I must say I think the result is amazing. I wish I could order her a body right away. For some wierd reason both Senja (MiniFee modded Shushu sleeping face) and Seffia (MiniFee Chloe) looks a bit worried. Roeskva (MiniFee Shiwoo girl) on the other hand seem very confidet I won't snatch her body. LOL

And here's the pictures from Xhanthi.

Now I just have to wait for them to get home.


Friday, January 4, 2013


First of all Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. Last year - not so long ago - I send two heads to Xhanthi for face-ups. One of them was my DollZone BB Ani. I always thought her face-up was too pale for her. Especially since she's a very intense girl. She's a sweet girl but feels everything so strongly and have quite a temper. She has a loving heart - sometimes a little too loving for her own good.

This is how she used to look - except she got brown eyes after that picture was taken.

And these are the pictures I got from Xhanthi of the finished face-up.

I'm just so much in love whith how she looks now I had to order three new wigs just for her. I mean look at her! Can you blame me?