Monday, June 14, 2010

I think it's about time I update again. LOL One of the things that has happened since last is that I stumbled upon a modded sleeping Shushu head in the Marketplace at DOA. And I just fell in love with her. She was even in the EU so no problems with customs. I bought her and immediately ordered a wig and some eyes for her. I thought it was okay if it took quite a while before she got a body and was thinking of getting her a DollZone body.

But plans are ruined and not long after this I accidentally saw a MiniFee A-line body - also inside EU - at the Marketplace. I of course had to buy it. So now she's a complete doll. She's got a lot of attitude and I love her.

Her name is Senja and she's an alien but have lived here since she was a little kid around 40 years old. (She's 257 now) She's a shapeshifter but haven't shifted to another form for more than 200 years. (Not since she was 52 and a man tried to harm her. She shifted into a wolfe and killed him. (She and a few others from her world might actually be the origin of the warewolf myth.)

After all this time she's not even sure if she is still able to shift form. And she doesn't know her tru - or origial form. She's so used to posing as a human. The only thing she can't change no matter in what form is her eyes.

Last week I send Kieron's head (Breakawar scar head - and arm) to a face-up artist since I expect his body to arrive at Think Pink any day now. They'll ship the body directly to the artist.

I have never really been happy with Emmelia's face-up so I decided to have her completely redone at the same time. I'm so looking forward to getting them home.

Friday I got a slip from the postman about a pacage and I'm pretty sure it's the LittleFee girl body for Secret (Sleeping Lishe) I ordered a while ago. Her face-plate however is in Sweden with my friend Annefia who's going to give her a face-up.