Thursday, May 10, 2012

I resently got my DollZone Ray back. His name is Vincent BTW. He's named after themain male caracter in an old TV series called Beauty and the Beast because he has a very similar personality. It's like part of him is a wild animal but he's also a very beautiful soul - a true gentleman. He has to struggle all the time to keep his wild side under control. Noone - least of all Vincent himself - know what will happen should he loose the control. If he got really really angry and lost control over himself he just might tear the person he got angry at to pieces - literally . . . with his bare hands.

Okay on to the pictures. Today he got his wig and this is how he looks. He still needs his proper clothes though.

Here his is with Vendelin before his proper wig arrived. (I think she like him)

I have been having some problems with my DoolZone Aimi right from the start. The wig and eyes I had planned for her didn't really work out. I tried another wig (and changed her eyes) and it wasn't really good either. So the other day I was going through all the wigs I have and I tried every 7/8 wig on her. And then i realised that not only did they look wrong they were kind of loose as well. And her head does look smaller than my other DollZones. Then I got the idea to try a 6/7 Jojo wig I originally bought for my Narae on her. And it was PERFECT! Look!

I'm so much more happy with her now.