Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up

I better try and catch up a bit on everything that is happening in my dolly world. LOL
First of all I got my PukiFee Cupid Snowdrop home. She's so cute but don't let her sweet smile fool you. She's a very mischievous little one.

Then Gro got a new wig. She had had her old wig ever since she arrived but it was a Tibetan wool wig and it was getting really bad. It had completely faded and it was loosing a lot of hairs. I was a bit worried that a new wig might change her and I didn't want that but this one is just perfect for her.

And a picture of Snowdrop, Sif and Gro together.

I also found a tan DollZone 1/4 Ray at the Marketplace at DOA. He was even from a seller in Europe so no problem with customs. I have often thought that I'd like a Ray and I love DZ tan so I just had to get him. He never had a face-up though and the day after getting him I riped his head off and send it to Xhanthi for a face-up.
Here's a picture of him is a wig and some eyes I like for him. If you click the picture you'll see another picture with his nakid body and some of the other dolls reaction to it all.

My DollZone modded Annie came home from face-up a couple of days ago. And I'm just SO happy with her. Not only do I think she looks beautiful but her face-up really expresses her personallety as well. She's a very genlte girl, a little shy and a little sad.

And then I have to admit I have gone completely crazy. I just fell head over heals in love with a couple of the new dolls Fairyland resently came out with. And a couple of days later I got a refund from my heating payments so . . . I ordered a PukiFee Zio and a LittleFee Chloe.

I'm not addicted. Really I'm not. I can stop any time I want to. Really I can.