Friday, February 24, 2012

About layaways and wigs.

I don't think I have mentioned it but at the moment I have a LittleFee Pipi on layaway at Denver Doll. When I have paied the last installment at the beginning of March and the doll has arrived DDE will ship it to a girl in USA. She'll the replace the boy body for an older girl body and provide a face-up. I am very very excited about this because I have wanted a Pipi girl ever since LittleFees first came out. There were just always other dolls that I wanted too and I wanted a girl body so I couldn't just order one.

I have had the wig and eyes for the Pipi girl for a while. Her name is probably going to be Rowan and she'll have red hair (Jpop Kana Wave wig) and olive green Enchanted eyes. The wig is the same deep red colour as unpolished cobber. I think she'll be very beautiful.

Now I'm talking about Jpop wigs . . . I just got some wigs from them some days ago. I just LOVE their new Winter Angel wigs. They are really wonderful.

The first one is a 7/8 Winter Angel - here modeled by Katarina my DollZone tan Annie

Then there's a Winter Angel in 5/6 modeled by Sif my PukiFee Ante

And a Kana Wavw also modeled by Sif

And last but not least another Winter Angel in 6/7 modeled by Shilling my LittleFee modded Rachel

Shilling imideatly claimed that wig as her future wig. And can you blame her? I just love it on her. I liked her old wig a lot but this is just so . . . it really enhances her face.
And another picture of her just because I love her so much.


BJD Challenge Day 18

Do you have a favourite company?

I have two favorit companies - Fairyland and DollZone. I love both very much. From Fairyland I love both PukiFee, LittleFees and MiniFees. Real Pukis is also cute beyond words but they are too small for me. PukiPukis are also cute but I like Real Pukis more and they are still too small. All Fairyland dolls have such beautiful joints, especially knees and elbows. Their posabillity is also incredble.

As for DollZone I love 1/4 or MSDs and their bigger BB dolls. They have some new more . . . hummmmm . . very different dolls and I don't like those so much. But the traditional ones I just love. They have really good posabillity too. The MSDs can do almost everything MNFs can do and they are easier to pose. Their knees and elbows are not quite as beautiful but I like that they are just a little taller. And of course I love a lot of the molds. However I can see that DollZones is not for everyone. They are not beautiful in the same way as Fairyland dolls but they have so much personallety. I just love that about them. I am sad though that they discontinued their tan. It's such a beautiful colour.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BJD Challenge Day 17

What is your favourite item of dollie clothing?

I have so many wonderful outfits. It's impossible to say wich one is my favorit. I do have LOT of amazing clothes for LittleFee and PukiFee made by Spampy. I also love the demin shirt and jacket made by Sharon in Spain for my Narae . . . oh and a MNF set from Fairyland and . . . . well I have too many.

All I can say is that Spampy and Sharon in Spain (Dambuster) are my favorit people to commission for clothes. They both make wonderful quallity clothing.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

BJD Challenge Day 16

Can any of your crew stand on their heads? (Show us~)

Well at least some of them can but I'm not getting the picture taken so I decided to post anyway. I mean it's silly to let this prevent me from doing the rest of the challenge. Sorry about that.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally back!

I haven't really had the energy to update for quite a while but I'm starting to get it back. Just hoping it will stay that way for a long time.

Anyway I didn't mention that I got the DollZone 1/4 Annie in tan skin in the beginning of November. She is just soooo beautiful and I love her more and more each day. Let me introduse Katarina.

Just before Christmas I finally got the mermaid tail for my White Skin PukiFee Bonnie. Here is Mims.

She has informed me that mermaids need to have all the gummi bears they can eat at least three times a week. And what do I know about mermaids?
Here she's wearing a top my friend Annefia made for her.

Quite a while back I bought two 1/4 DollZones from the marketplace at DOA They are both white skin and they are a Mo who's called Vargan and a modded Annie who's called Vendelin. They are siblings.

Vargan is a name I made up myself from the Swedish word varg wich means wolfe. He came with a face-up and I bought his eyes that were Enchanted eyes made especially for him. I love him so much.

Vendelin doesn't have a face-up yet but will soon be leaving to get one. She looks like this:

Because of the bright sunshine you can't really see the colour of her eyes but they are the same colour as her wig only perhaps slightly darker. I'm so looking forward to seeing her with a face-up.

And finally a picture of Vargan, Vendelin and Katarina. Katarina is an Annie too but because of the modding they look very very different.

I guess that's the most important news for now.