Friday, October 21, 2011

Catses and more catses

Everyone are getting cats - except me. One of my friends just got the cutest ragdoll kitten and another friend just got two shelter cats - one senior cat and a deaf white kitten with blue eyes. (White cats with blue eyes are in most cases deaf) My son is also talking about getting a second cat.

I really wish I could have a cat but you have to be realistic and think of the cat's best interrests. I wouldn't be able to take proper care of it so it would be very selfish to get one anyway. Whenever you are thinking of getting a pet you should always consider the pet's interrest. Are you going to be able - and willing - to give them the care and attension they need? Can you afford vet bills? After all it is a long term committment and it's very important do do the right thing - rater than do what you feel like right now.

So even if I really wish I could have a cat or a dog I'm not getting one. I guess I'll have to comford myself withn the thought that I have three incommimg dolls. Even though they are not fluffy and warm and soft they are still very cute and make me smile.


Monday, October 17, 2011

It's a dangerous place!

The Marketplace at DOA I mean. I was browsing it just to know what people were selling and then I came across two - yes two dolls that I fell in love with. They were even from the same seller. I just had to PM her and ask if she would accept a layaway. So I ended up buying both. Oops! The moral of this of course is that you should never even look at the Marketplace at all.

The dolls won't be comming home until January because I wouldn't want them to get caught up in the Christmas mail rush. They are both ws DollZone 1/4s - a Mo with a beautiful face-up and a modded Annie without face-up. I have already contacted the face-up artist I want about a spot in February. I have a beautiful Leeke wig and some eyes that will look great with it for the Annie and I'm getting the Mo with both his eyes and his wig.I am very happy and excited.

This of course means that the LittleFee Chiwoo boy I was planning to get next will be delayed. I already have his wig and have decided his eyes. I will be notifyed when they are back in stock. I also have eyes and a wig for a LittleFee girl but I haven't decided if she'll be a Lishe or a DES. The Chiwoo will have blonde hair and very blue eyes and the girl will have a beautiful red Kana Wave wig and green eyes.

Before all this I will get my tan DollZone Annie though. I'm hoping she'll be here some time during November. I also finally found out what her name was. She's called Katarina. She'll have green eyes too and I have three different wigs so I hope she'll like one of them. They are all brown.


Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fairytale of The Two Heads

Once upon a time there was a doll company called Custom House. They had event after event after event and the crazy Danish woman knew they were really really slow sending their dolls out. Still she was stupid enough to buy two heads as a split in a group order. Then the waiting began. And she waited and waited for over a year. She started to think she would never get the heads but finally they came.

The person doing the group order lived in USA and since the crazy Danish woman wanted face-ups by an American artist, she asked the person who ran the group order if she would be kind enough to hang on to the heads for a while.

Then the crazy Danish woman waited again. After months she finally got the chance to get the face-up artist to do her heads. The talented artist Xhanthi did a wonderful job with the heads and the crazy Danish woman was very happy. She ordered wigs - and while she was at it she ordered wigs for two other dolls as well.

She also ordered some special eyes for the bigger of the two heads, but they hadn't turned up when the wigs came. The crazy Danish woman really loved the wigs though and couldn't wait to show them. Even though her pictures weren't the best. It was just some quick ones she took when she received the wigs.

Here's picture of the little Bisou girl. Her eyes are a bit wonky because my fingers are too big to place them right.

Here's the Spia girl just after she arrived:

And with the new wig:

Kieron also got a new wig. He's very happy with it partly because it hides his scar somewhat.

And then there was a wig for a LittleFee Chiwoo that I want - but haven't even ordered yet. (I know I'm crazy. LOL)Tjalfe was so kind to try it for me.