Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Outfit for Liz

My PukiFee Liz (Bonnie) likes to wear clothes that match her eyes. All winter she's been feeling a bit cold because the only outfit that was the right colour was a summer dress. Some days ago I got a new outfit from NiraDolls on Etsy. It's just so cute and she really loved being warm again.

In other news I'm seriously considering putting a tan LittleFee Ante elf on layaway at DDE February 1st. I really want a tan Ante. February will be a little short on money if I do though but it's a short month, right? The reason being that I still need to pay the last part of the MiniFee Celine I have on layaway.

Fairyland is taking all my money! LOL

Anyway this is Liz in her new outfit.

Talking about Celine someone let me know that their name was Sienna and I thought it was Celine but now I think it's my Juri 2014 head. So I still don't know what Celine is called.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The curse of the fur wigs

I used to LOVE Tibetan fur wigs and at one point most of my dolls had them. Some of them were really really cute and suited the dolls perfectly. The problem is that they tend to go very dry and start loosing hair eventually. Now only my Real Pukis Humle and Bille have them and up til today two of my LittleFees Tjalfe and Vigdis.

Tjalfe's wig is still fine but Vigdis' was becomming really bad. So today I changed it. The wig she's wearing now was one I already had. I have some incomming J-pop wigs and one of those might suit her better.

Anyway this is what she looks like now,

and this is what she used to look like.

I'll have to see if I can get used to this wig.

In the first picture Vigdis is wearing some new clothes I got a few days ago. Maylea is now wearing some of those clothes too.

Here the girls are together. I wonder what they are talking about.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh no! Does it ever end?

Today I was at the post office sending Joy, (PukiFee Sarang) Trude (tan LittleFee Chloe) and Peta-Lynn (MiniFee Sarang) off to a face-up artist.

When I ordered the bodies for Peta-Lynn and Tia Fairyland was having an event so I got an event MiniFee head with the bodies. So I thought that instead of having a headless body standing around I'd just put that event head on it.

This is the result. She says her name is Victoria and she demands that I order her a body. A-line smalest breasts and model legs. I don't stand a chance!

I should also post some pictures of my latest kids. First is Trude who's face left for face-up today.

Then there's Theis my tan Lishe boy.

This is Stapes pronaunced with two syllabels. It's not her real name but it's what the others call her. Stapes is the name of the smallest bone in the human body and she's on a LittleFee Baby body. She won't tell me her real name.

Then there's three new PukiFees as well. First Ty (Bonnie boy) and Twig (Vanilla girl)

Last but not least there's Joy. She's not mean or bad but she's cheeky and stubborn and does exactly what she wants. She also left today to get a face-up.