Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If at first you fail . .

Okay so I failed to keep this updated and now I'm trying again. A lot have happened since last time. Most resently - like last night - I got two MiniFee bodies I've been waiting for, First an A-line body for Tia (Siean Elf) and then a Moe body for Peta-Lynn (Sarang) Tia already has a face-up and I just love her so much.
Here's Tia. Her face-up was done by SmoteyMote

Here's Peta-Lynn. I think she'll be very beautiful once she gets her face-up.

While we're talking about MiniFees I have a couple of new tan ones from a while back. First up is Fransiska. (Mirwin)

India (Rheia) arrived later. When she got here she insisted her name was India. I didn't even know it was used as a name in English but it seems she knew. LOL Ban Sidhe did the face-up on her.

There's also new PukiFees and LittleFees but I'll save them for later.