Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The family is growing

My resin family keeps growing. First I ordered a DollZone Aimi in WS. Then totally spontaniously I ordered a 5StarDoll Quitus. He turned up first. His name is Desmo - short for Desmodus Rotundus.

Desmo is an unusual vampire though. The reason he has come to live here is that the other vampires doesn't want to have anything to do with him. First of all he's a really nice and kindhearted guy and then he's allergic to blood. Poor guy. LOL Having grown up with vampires he has never learned to interact with people in a normal friendly manner so he's kind of socially akward. He is a bit introvert and he really admires Maylea. (Who really admires Tjalfe. LOL)

The next one to m ove in was Tindra - my DollZone 1/4 WS Aimi. She hasn't told me anything about her background yet. She's a quiert and soft girl. And very beautiful IMO

She seems to have become close to Senja (MiniFee modded Shushu) wich I find surprising because Senja is an alien and very unusual in some ways. Amongs other things she's like 211 years old. But look at them together!

My next doll was a Fairyland LittleFee Luna named Julliane. She grew up with her uncle and aunt. Her oncle was her mom's brother but he was 20 years older than her mom. They never really understood her - or even wanted to. They saw her as something they could show off. Her aunt loved to dress her up is lots of frilly pink stuff. The more the better. She was always told to be careful and not get her clothes dirty and she was never allowed to play with other children.

She is the only one of my dolls (so far) who's generally shy. She has totally bonded with Vigdis though. This is a wonderful thing for both of them. Oh ans she hates wearing pink and loves simple clothes in darker colours.

When Julliane arrived I also got a WS PukiFee Bonnie without face-up. Her name is Mims and she's going to be a mermaid. Her face-up is done but I'm still waiting for her tail so you won't get to see her until she's finished.