Sunday, November 1, 2009

Imps all over!

They are home! My RealPukis Bille og Humle. And I love them. They hust makes me smile.

Right out of the box

With Gro and Tjalfe. They are really tiny!




They are really a handfull though. They just crawl everywhere!

On my fan . .

. . and on my computer monitor.

Even on my other dolls.

Tjalfe is NOT happy and Gro is getting a little worried. I might need to do something about them *Worried*


Monday, October 26, 2009

What I never got around to do.

There have been things happening I never got around to post about so I'll try and catch up a bit.

First of all my three Custom House babies - Krusemynte, Pipaluk and Kristoffer got home from Australia. That is their heads got home. They had visited my friend Whitewings and she gave the the most wonderful face-ups.




And here they are all together.

I just love how they look now.

I wasn't quite happy with the wig Emmelia was wearing. It was a perfect colour but there was something about the style that was wrong. Then I got some wigs I ordered from Acquire a while ago. I thought I'd try one on her and it was PERFECT!

And one more picture because I just love how she looks in it.

Something very exciting has happened. My RealPukis Bille (Soso) and Humle (Tyni) are on their way home. They actually arrived in Denmark Sunday early afternoon wich means they'll have to spend the rest of Sunday and the night - at least - in that nasty evil place called customs. My poor babies!

I just hope the custom people will decide how much they want in ransom first thing Monday and send my little ones on their way to me.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little creature in the garden

Yesterday I opened the door to my garden just a little bit to get some fresh air in and then I went shopping for groseries forgetting to close it. When I came back I found Gro talking to this little creature. Gro says she's called Onion and that she's homeless and can she please stay? It seems Gro found her in the garden nakid and very cold.

She doesn't say much and she speaks so quiertly and is very difficult to understand. Gro seems to be the only one who understand what Onion is saying. She's very cute though.


Monday, September 28, 2009

New place

I finally finished my move and are settling in to my new appartment. I really think I'll love it here.

It's a very nice area and I have taken some photos outside. First one of Emmelia my SoulKid Apple.

And some of Gro. I just love taking pictures of this girl soooo much. (Can you tell? LOL)

Trying out some glasses. This picture is taken near my local mall.

Grapes from my own tiny garden.

And just a couple of random pictures.

I also bought Gro some new toys.
A doll

and some kittens

She also likes the scateboard

but Tjalfe uses it more. (Note his Marsh pants)

Doesn't he look cool?

Some very exciting new: I ordered the female MiniFee Shiwoo I have been wanting for a long time (September 9th) and while I was at it I also ordered a LittleFee Ante Elf. I had wanted a Lishe but when Ante came out with elf ears I just had to have her. LOL

Oh and then I had a terrible accident and my finger slipped - twice - and I also ordered both the new RealPukis. Oops!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving stress

At the moment I'm all stressed by the move. After all I'm moving in three weeks and a lot of things just isn't ready yet.

I have packed up all my dolls except Gro, Tjalfe, (They are so small)Ilvara, (I love her too much to live three weeks without her) and Emmelia - my SoulKid Apple. Well actually I still only have her body but the head will be here within a week as it was shipped from Holland today.

In the meantime I was going through all my dolls clothes and organizing them better. I also got two pair of shoes with Emmelia's body. So I changed Ilvara's clothes and I think she looks soooo cute in this:

I also got some clothes from Spampy Both Gro and I love it.

Understand why we love the new clothes?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yeah very exciting news!

Finally my SoulKid Apple arrived at Think Pink. Now I'm just waiting to get her home. I'll get the body and a few other things I ordered first and the head a bit later since it's visiting SchwarzStein from DOA for a face-up before comming home. I'm so looking forward to meeting my Emmelia since I don't know much about her yet.

Another thing is that I'm moving very soon. I just got offered an appartment on the ground floor and I'll probably move within a month. It's going to be a very difficult process for me for various reasons but it will be much better once I get setteled the new place.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And they are on their way.

Saturday I shipped the heads of my three Custom House kids - and my PukiFee Hamster - off to the spa. They are going to visit a friend in Australia for treatment. It's very exciting but I'm of course going to miss them while they are gone. And I'll be worried about them too. I hope they will have a safe trip both ways.

Doesn't it look sad . . . and somewhat creepy too? LOL

I begin to get a bit unpatient waiting for my SoulKid Apple. I ordered her through ThinkPink April 2nd and they ordered from SoulDoll April 25th. It's been over three month now and I think in's beginning to be too much. Sigh!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A new blog!

I couldn't resist. I had to make a new blog just for the little funny stories about Gro and Tjalfe. It's called Gro's Blog. I actually got to bed way too late because I was busy making this new blog.

My three Custom House dolls are going to have their heads send off to the spa tomorrow and I think I'll have to put their bodies away in a box. It would be too creepy to keep them out just standing there headless. At the same time Quark - my PukiFee hamster face-plate is going for a treatment too. I'm so excited about it!

New clothes for Tjalfe.

I had ordered some clothes for Tjalfe - LittleFee Shiwoo - from Spampy and a few days ago they arrived. Tjalfe is very happy to finally have some real boy clothes.

Gro was unhappy and perhaps most of all surprised that there wasn't anything for her. LOL

It's now been more than 4 month since the order for a SoulKid Apple I placed with Think Pink was send to Soul Doll. I'm starting to be impatient to be honest. I want to have my Emmelia home soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gro and her shoes.

Me: Gro what are you doing?
Gro: I'm trying on shoeses.
Me: You mean shoes.
Gro: No I mean shoeses. I'm trying on many of them.
Me: Sigh!

Gro: These sockses are difficult to get off.
Me: Sigh!

Gro: I'm wearing these shoeses now.
Me: Sigh!

Gro: Tjalfe you are my bestest brother. I love you.
Me: Awwwwww . . . .

Who can resist someone that cute? Not me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My PukiFeeeeeeee . . . .

I was so happy to get my PukiFee Shiwoo Boris fullset. Soon after ordering I started to find out that it was actually a girl. Her name is Gro. The hamster face-plate is it's own person, a boy named Quark. He will be using most of the fullset stuff. And of course he wants his own body. LOL

Anyway here's Gro

With big brother Tjalfe.

She loves dogs.

Gotta do something about that hair

Finally decided on the butterflies

Gro: Look what I can do!

Telling Tjalfe a secret. They really love each other.

I really really love this girl. At the moment I just love her too much to let Quark borrow her body. That will have to wait until he has a face-up.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New doll and face-up attempts.

So much has happened since I updated last time. First I took some pictures of all the stuff I had for my incomming PukiFee. Have a look!

First there's all the shoes. Only the two pairs to the left in the first row and the three pairs to the left in the second row are new. The others I already had. I bought them for Ulja (Tinybear Moona) and Amaryllis (Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf)The new shoes are from Ruby Red.

Clothes from Spampy

And hair and eyes. The wig is a custom colour from Tinybear (pale blond with periwinkle) and the eyes are 10mm sable glass eyes from Ginarolo at DOA

Then the body for Tjalfe - my LittleFee Shiwoo elf face-plate - was on it's way. That ment I had to pull my act together and get the face-up done. And now I was working I gave Pipaluk and Kristoffer a face-up too.

I'm not too happy with them, especially not Kristoffer. Pipaluk might be technically not so good but the face-up expresses her personalety like I wanted. Anyway here they are:

Pipaluk - as you can see she's also got her right wig now. It's from Ruby Red as well.

And Kristoffer

July 14th I could finally pick up poor Tjalfe's body at the post office. I was soooo excited to finally put him together. I'm so in love with this boy. He's such a sweet guy. A little serious and thoughtfull though he's got plenty of humor. He's also a very clever little guy. Sorry he's full of hair from his haircut.

At first I didn't have any clothes for him. I had a pair og blue pants with flowers and pink edges I got for Krusemynte but . . .

After a while I managed to talk him into accepting a purple t-shirt and I made him some shorts. Here he's hanging out his favorit place just beside my computer monitor