Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New order and face-ups

Fairyland is evil - pure evil I tell you. They want to get all my money . . . and they're doing pretty well too. June 13th - on my Birthday in fact - I made another order through DDE. I went through DDE because I needed the layaway. I ordered a body for Sienna, a A-line body with the smallest breasts and model legs, a LittleFee, I'm going to sell the face-plate as the body is for Tulip, and last but not least two RealFees. The RealFees are a tan Pano boy and a NS May girl. I also ordered the fantasy parts for both of them. I think they are amazing pieces of engineering art. Have a look:

Here's Pano and May fullsets. I didn't get those but mine have the fantasy parts and face-ups if not the clothes and wigs.

Resistance is futile. You shall buy.

In other news I have send four little ones out for face-ups. Cinnamon's head and Dot's face-plate have both gone to visit foolbot's spa in England, Sienna's head has gone to USA to visit SmoteyMote's spa - I just LOVE the way she does freckles - and Thandi's face-plate has gone to Sweden to visit Akara's spa. They are all going to be so beautiful when the return home.

And now we wait . . . and wait . . and wait . . and . . well you get the point. LOL