Sunday, October 11, 2015

Imps Have Arrived

Last Tuesday - the 6th - I got a huge package from DDE. It was my RealFees, a MiniFee body for my Soony head still at the spa and a LittleFee I needed the body from for Tulip. * Looks at Pipi face-plate. Shakes head. Should really get some of these things sold.*

Tulip was using Rowan's body so Rowan was really happy being back on a body again.

Opening everything was such a huge task. Putting things together, changing eyes and adding wigs and trying to find clothes. I was completely exhausted afterwards. I did take a picture of Hyld (tan Pano boy) and Kloever (NS May girl)

Hyld refuses to use his human legs until he has some pants to wear. At first I didn't care so much for Kloever but then I changed her wig and that helped. Today I took a couple of pictures outside.

I think she's going to use her bunny ears.

I'm thinking of getting her another wig but that's for later.

The week before I got some LittleFee clothes. Here's Thandi and Vilja showing them off.