Friday, November 1, 2013

Names and shipping notise

I got a shipping notice for my big Fairyland order. Yeah! It will be a while before it arrives though because I choosed the cheaper slower shipping.

So with four dolls on their way it's kind of time to start thinking about names. There's a PukiFee Bonnie and a Vanilla. I have been thinking that Bonnie is a boy. At first I thought of calling him Bjorn (Means Bear in Danish) and calling the girl Liv but it didn't really feel right. Then - after watching a lot of old episodes of Extreme Home Makeover - I got the idea to call them Ty and Twig. I just like those names. They have a great ring to them.

It was a little wierd having names for the PukiFees when they don't even have a face-up yet and no name for the MiniFee Mirwin who'll come with a face-up. I was talking to my friend Annefia about a name for Mirwin and we talked about using the full name or shortening it. I said that I always felt it was silly to name a doll - or a child - something only to call them something else. Like why name someone Susanna if you're going to call them Susie? Just name them Susie from the beginning by all means.

So a day or two later my Mirwin send me a messages telling me her name is Fransiska and that she's normally called Siska. Oh dear! They just know what they want and you can't win.

There's also a LittleFee Chloe in the order but I have no idea who she is. I don't even know what colour wig and eyes she's going to have. But that's okay. It can wait.